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Main Features

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Web Application Firewall

Blocks attack before they reach your sites.

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File Upload Scanner

Automatically scan new files uploaded via Wordpress, Joomla etc.

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Monitor Files

Monitor for newly created/modified files and scan them automatically.

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Malware Scanning

Both Automatic and on-demand malware scanning is available.

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Phishing files

Scan and detect phishing files.

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SQL Injection

Protects against SQL Injection Attacks

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Bad Bots Protection

Protects against bad bots consuming bandwith and trying to find vulnerabilities in sites.

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BruteForce Protection

Protects against brute force attacks.

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And more ...

Blocks suspcious post to forum and comments, RBL checking of IP Address and more ...

What our customers says

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" I have been looking for something like this for years. Just install it once and it will start doing it's magic. It takes care of everything automatically. And we can easily manage it from WHM. It has been protecting my server from past 5 years. Thank you guys for creating this great security software. "

Tony Kurian

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" I had been using imunify360 which is good. But it has very bloated interface and is very slow. Sometimes it even slows down my server during scans. I gave cpmalscan a try and never looked back. It does faster scans and provide better security. My server performance has never been better. "

Carla Hamilton

Wordpress Developer
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" I had been using maldet.But my site keep getting hacked again and again. So I gave this plugin a try and it detected 34 extra backdoor malware files. It's been 6 year using this sofware and no hacks yet. "

Rohit Sharma